Aluminium bronze

Aluminium bronze is an alloy which is especially used at operations where parts are used under heavy compressive loads. There are various types of aluminium bronzes that can be used for many applications.

Examples of application :

  • deep drawing of stainless and low carbon steels
  • bending, drawing and forming dies for processing stainless steel, coppers, brass, aluminium and magnesium forming dies for manufacturing bumpers, stainless steel sinks and barrels, service trays, washing tumblers, etc...
  • forming rollers, bending and wiper dies
  • sliding and rotating mould components

Aluminium bronzes are produced in round, flat, square, rectangular and hexagon bars. Aluminium bronzes are also produced in discs, rings, plates and special profiles. We also machine finished parts out of aluminium bronzes to customers specification drawings.


We are situated in The Netherlands